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Apr 27, 2015 by Sarah on SRQ Painting

Thank You!

SRQ Painting did a great job for my house. Everything looks exactly as I wanted and they do the job in a strict time frame, cleaned everything at the end of the day. Very professional and reliable company. I would definitely recommend them. If you are searching for high quality service at reasonable rates this is the company!

Dec 5, 2014 by Richard V. on SRQ Painting

A True Expert!

I wanted to thank you for the great job that you did on the condo unit. You are a true expert at texturing and painting walls!

Sep 27, 2014 by Dave R. on SRQ Painting


I am a licensed real estate agent/loan officer in the Sarasota, FL area. Obviously I understand the importance of a good first impression when viewing properties, not only from the outside, but the inside as well. I have worked with SRQ Painting on several occasions and every job was done with the utmost care and consideration for all those involved.

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